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Audience Award
California Independent Film Festival

Best Feature Film
Breckenridge Film Festival

Best Feature Film
WorldFest International Film Festival

Best Feature Film
Barebones International Film Festival
Nominated for Best Ensemble Cast

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In a masterful interplay of the ordinary with the ominously unexpected, Indy filmmaker Rowdy Stovall has infused Mexican Sunrise with dramatic tension from the very first scene. Through the power of a brilliant script, fine acting, and well-executed cinematography, the viewer feels like a participant in the beer-blurred overnight bachelor party where relationships - with best buddies, business "associates," and the Divine - are not always the way they appear on the surface. Mexican Sunrise is a tight, suspenseful drama that provokes contemplation on many levels long after the credits have rolled.
Shelley Carson, PhD.- Lecturer on Psychology, Harvard University Stovall ushers in a new talent on the Austin landscape. Stovall's feature tells the story of a south-of-the-border bachelor party gone horribly wrong and is a taut thriller that effectively uses foreshadowing to ramp up the suspense. The filmmaker's strong visual and narrative sensibility is enhanced by the use of several familiar locales.
Marjorie Baumgarten, The Austin Chronicle

"Mexican Sunrise is a fast paced, well written blend of drama, thrills and action. A "Very Bad Things" south of the border. A reminder of the cost of redemption and the price of friendship. A true must-see movie."
Oscar Ray, Marketing Director, Barebones International Independent Film Festival

Raising the Sun: "One of Tom Copeland's last acts before retiring as Texas Film Commission head was to rave about writer/director Rowdy Stovall and his indie film Mexican Sunrise..."
Joe O'Connell, Austin Chronicle

"Rowdy Stovall is a filmmaker that does not try to play it safe. We are looking for talented filmmakers with new visions, and distinctive voices, and Mexican Sunrise fit well into this."
Don Franken, Festival Director, Method Fest

"Mexican Sunrise is the ultimate bachelor party nightmare, a taut, suspenseful thriller that leaves you hanging until the end."
Daniel Cox, Newport Beach Film Festival

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